Working with Minors Application

This form is to be completed for any position, paid or volunteer, involved in the supervision or care of minors. This is being used to help provide a safe and secure environment for the minors, volunteers and the organization.

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No further information is required.  Please submit this form and our leaders will be notified.

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Church Participation and Spiritual Journey Statement
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Areas of Service

The questions in this section are designed to help us match ministry opportunities with your interests and gifts. If you are not currently attending Hope Point Church, please answer using only the “Other Areas of Service.” 

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Confidential Information

The following questions are designed to help us provide a safe, loving, and secure environment for the volunteer and children/youth who attend our church. Your answers will not necessarily disqualify; however, an elder may talk with you in private, to see whether you need any assistance regarding the matter and to learn whether the findings have bearing on your ability to work with children/youth. If you prefer not to answer any of the questions in writing, you may leave them blank and an appropriate leader will talk with you personally and privately.

Do you have any legal charges pending against you and/or have you ever been arrested for, charged with, under probation for, convicted of, or pleaded guilty to either sexual or physical abuse?
Have you committed any act of neglecting, abusing or molesting any child?
Is there any circumstance or pattern in your life that would make it inappropriate for you to serve with minors or would compromise the integrity of Hope Point Church?

If yes, what we desire most for you is to experience the transforming power of Jesus Christ, where even the most difficult situations can be turned into a story of grace. HOWEVER, until the addiction has been appropriately dealt with, serving in ministry to minors is not an option. Addictions are so destructive that we urge you to seek the immediate counsel of the pastor or one of the elders. God can forgive you fully and use you greatly, but only when you seek His help with total honestly.

Is there any evidence that you may have an addiction to drugs, alcohol, pornography or any other destructive behavior?
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